Natural Thinking and Intelligence for

Transform the quality of every aspect of your life by harnessing the full power of your mind.

Learn how to:​

  • Find your purpose

  • Set and accomplish your goals

  • Increase your wealth

  • Achieve peak athletic performance

  • Expand your leadership skills

  • Cope with setbacks and loss

  • Get unstuck

  • Develop life skills

  • Improve relationships

  • And more

The Human Potential and Thinking Assessment

Analyzes over 217,000 personal characteristics.

These characteristics are material, mental, emotional and spiritual…

-can explain how you think

-can help access your subconscious

-can expand your life skills

-also defines your  life purpose and proper mission

-plus, describes how you problem solve and make decisions

…and defines what factors are blocking/restricting you


Thinking Models Assessment

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Successful Mind Profiles Assessment

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Life Skills Assessment

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See what individuals who use NaTI are saying.

“An utterly fascinating system of clarity, understanding and interpretation. It helped me to stop limiting myself. It helped me understand that there’s a lot more to me than I have recognized even thus far.”

– Terry Anderson (an American hero and journalist for the Associated Press in
Lebanon who was taken hostage by Shiite Hezbollah militants and held from
1985 until 1991)

Natural Thinking and Intelligence for

Empower your team, business or organization to outperform, outsmart and succeed.

Learn how to:​

  • Identify and realize your mission and vision

  • Develop winning strategies

  • Maximize productivity

  • Coach for peak performance

  • Expand your business

  • Increase your revenue

  • Solve difficult HR issues and conflicts

From analysis and coaching to advisory services, all of our programs are customizable to meet your specific needs.

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See what individuals who use NaTI are saying.

Natural Thinking and Intelligence for
Students and Teachers

Today’s educational systems teach knowledge, but not understanding. NaTI cutting edge learning tools and strategies set students up for worldly success by giving them the skills to unlock the full spectrum of their inherent intelligence from their IQ to their EQ. Find out how to unleash your learning potential in the classroom and beyond.

Learn how to:​

  • Maximize potential

  • Master life skills for in and out of the classroom

  • Improve leadership skills

  • Deal with opposition

  • Build confidence

  • Improve physical, mental, emotional and intuitive performance

  • Overcome learning barriers

  • Become more self-aware

  • Optimize cognition abilities


From analysis and coaching to advisory services, all of our programs are customizable to meet your specific needs

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Here’s what successful students and their teachers have to say

Become a certified Natural Thinking and
Intelligence Coach

Whether you’re a mentor, coach, consultant, or therapist, or are looking to become one, mastering Natural Thinking and Intelligence can do more than just improve your effectiveness. It can improve your profitability.


Based on the Science of Potential, Natural Thinking and Intelligence provides a model for human development that goes far beyond surface-level diagnosis and treatments. Our proprietary personality assessments uncover over 217,000 hyper-accurate data points that get to the root causes of behavior and directional insights. This invaluable data allows you to more effectively diagnose, mentor, and coach your clients. What’s more, is that NaTI also provides flexible classes, analysis and support to enhance your service offerings and generate additional income.

Consulting programs available:

NaTI Coach Certification  

For those who want to join Dr. Bob and the NaTI team, first you have to master the system and become a certified NaTI coach.

  • NaTI certification requires 40-hour of online or in-class training so that you’re as fluent in the Natural Thinking and Intelligence tools and strategies as Dr. Bob himself.

  • Once certified, you’ll have the option of joining Dr. Bob and the NaTI team to help others unlock their full potential.

NaTI Support Program

Our NaTI Support Program is designed for existing mentors, counselors, coaches, and therapists to enhance their current services.

  • The NaTI Support Program requires a minimum of 10-hours of online or in-class training.

  • NaTI Support Program coaches will have the option to receive their clients’ assessment results to incorporate into their coaching.  

  • Ongoing Online support – weekly one-hour online group sessions with Dr. Bob are available to offer clients as a way to supplement services and generate additional income.

NaTI Referral Program  

Counselors who refer their clients to NaTI programs and services will receive a 20% referral fee.

NaTI Independent Assessment Program

Independent mentors, counselors, coaches, and therapists can request assessments for their clients and receive their clients’ assessments directly to implement into their own coaching programs.


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Here’s what successful NaTI coaches have to say

“As a chiropractor I deal with stresses on a physical level, as a clinical nutritionist, on a biochemical level. The thing I find interesting about Natural Thinking and Intelligence is that I’m able to actually deal with emotional issues directly with the system that Dr. Bob developed. Quite often a person will say, ‘Why does the same thing keep happening to me?’ It’s because they have this hidden belief system. Dr. Bob’s model allows us to get into those hidden, unconscious belief systems and uncover them. You can see immediate major changes take place with people which will manifest on a physical, chemical, emotional, and spiritual level.”

– Dr. James Striano, D.C., Hudson Valley Chiropractic & Nutrition