Frequently asked questions

Depending on your needs, we offer both options. You can physically attend class at the Gilchrist Institute and/or a partner venue, OR, you may choose to attend our online classes.

Absolutely! Life and health coaching is a growing industry, forecasted to grow to almost $ 8 billion by 2022. We give you the know-how and tools necessary to make the world a healthier and happier place. During our program, you’ll find that being a NaTI coach may be both a lucrative and fulfilling career choice.

It depends on your unique situation. At the Institute we are geared toward helping you achieve your true potential. Structures are in place to guide and assist you with any accreditation needs (i.e., if you choose to get International Coaching Federation accreditation, etc.) any business, legal regulations, and other questions you might have. You’ll always have an open door to help find the right guidance.

Under given circumstances we may offer a variety of payment plans to help diminish financial barriers and enable you to reach your goals. Reach out today to find out more.