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Every one of us is born with the ability to create our reality and achieve our highest potential. It’s called our Natural Intelligence. When we know how to put it to work for us, the possibilities in our lives, businesses, and careers are literally limitless. So why are so many of us struggling to achieve the success we want? Simply put, we don’t know the basics of potential or how to unlock it.


Dr. Bob Flower realized this over 35 years ago. Through his extensive research, he discovered a fundamental evolutionary process that all successful systems and organisms in Nature follow from cells to galaxies. By applying this process to human nature and giving it a common language, he developed Natural Thinking and Intelligence, or NaTI for short, a scientifically-proven system for using our innate cognitive abilities as Nature intended. Ever since, Dr. Bob and his team of experts have been helping thousands of people, businesses, and organizations unlock their full potential and achieve the unthinkable.

How does it work?

Whether it’s from our upbringing or our general life experience, we all develop limiting thinking patterns that program our Natural Intelligence to work against us instead of for us — thoughts like, “I can’t do this” or “I’m stuck.” By breaking these thought patterns and understanding how to create, organize and act in ways that leverage our full Natural Intelligence abilities, we can create the success and fulfillment we truly desire.


Through Dr. Bob’s coaching and support, you’ll learn all about your Natural Thinking and Intelligence abilities and how to identify your innate patterning so that you can change your limiting thoughts and beliefs. You’ll also master how to use Dr. Bob’s proven tools and strategies to achieve extraordinary results in your life, business or career.


Dr. Bob and his team will be there every step of the way to help you, your business or organization easily make the changes necessary to achieve your goals. But the first step is to decide you’re ready to achieve your highest potential.

Start achieving beyond belief today.

About Dr. Bob Flower

One of the world’s leading authorities on potential and achievement

Robert J. Flower, PhD, is a highly successful entrepreneur, consultant, Mensa Scholar, author and educator. Having started his business career with only $321, he grew his business to a net worth of well over EIGHT figures today. For over 38 years he has dedicated himself to the study of human potential and how to fully achieve it.


Late in 1980, Dr. Flower experienced an epiphany, which changed his life forever. He went through what mind scientists call a "state of enlightenment" which lasted for months. This led Dr. Flower on a quest all over the world through ancient systems of thinking and cultures until he discovered a hidden mathematical and biological code. This code clearly defined a master pattern in the structure of nature, a Natural Intelligence. By breaking this code, Dr. Flower uncovered a scientific way to achieve our highest potential.


To further develop this system, Dr. Flower founded the Gilchrist Institute for the Achievement Sciences. Since then, he has successfully helped thousands of clients from all walks of life unlock their potential and achieve incredible results in every facet of their lives, businesses, and careers using Natural Thinking and Intelligence (NaTI).


Dr. Bob has authored 11 books, several of which have received top acknowledgement from scientists around the world.


Further, since 1986 he has survived several bouts of leukemia. Only having the support of his family and using the lessons from natural thinking, was he able to survive.


Mohammad Ramadan, past Executive Director of the United Nation’s Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (S.E.A.T.) stated, "What Dr. Flower has discovered is a Theory of Everything, something many great minds have been unable to attain." Dr. Flower served as co-director of the Awareness Center at Seton College in Westchester for four years and taught philosophy there as an adjunct professor. He has taught Real Estate Economics at West Point, Entrepreneurship at New York University and Pace University. And most recently, he has taught NaTI principles in human resources and NaTI Entrepreneurship at Mercy College in New York.

He has lectured all over the world including two appearances at the United Nations. And he has consulted for businesses including Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Bank of New York, Ford, Chrysler, and CVS, for the State of New York and numerous other governmental agencies, as well as served on multiple other philanthropic organizations.

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