How to Achieve More Productivity by Helping to Maximize Employee Potential


How to maximize employee potential sounds like something beyond the scope of business leadership. After all, shouldn’t employees take primary responsibility for their own professional development and growth?

But today’s guest says maximizing employee potential can actually improve employee retention. That got my attention and hopefully yours. Listen now to find out more about what business leaders can do to make it happen.

What You’ll Discover About How to Maximize Human Potential (highlights & transcript):

  • The genetic human potential molecule [01:36]
  • How to use the potential molecule to maximize employee potential [05:29]
  • 4 Factors that limit the ability to maximize employee potential [08:45]
  • Translating maximizing employee potential into higher employee retention [11:18]
  • Factors that limit the ability to maximize employee potential [13:55]
  • And MUCH more.

Guest: Dr. Robert Flower

Dr. Robert J. Flower is the, author of Decoding the Holy Grail and the Discovery of the Potential Moleculeis a leading authority on potential and achievement and has written 10 previous books on the subject.

Dr. Flower’s interest in philosophy and ancient history led to a discovery of a biological process of cellular development that models our thinking process. In 1984 he founded the Gilchrist Institute, which specializes in helping clients achieve their maximum potential.

He has lectured widely on potential theory, including two sessions at the United Nations, and has consulted for Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Ford, Chrysler and CVS. Dr. Flower is also a successful real estate consultant.

He earned his Ph.D. in general systems sciences at Walden University, and has served as adjunct professor at various colleges.

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