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The Human Potential and Thinking Assessment is a human potential development program which is based on newly discovered principles of nature. Learning about these principles will help you develop life and thinking skills, as well as enabling you to achieve your potential.

These principles of nature are actually “biopsychosocial” characteristics that determine our Potential. We have scientifically placed these principles into a format which measures the way one has genetically inherited intelligence and the extent that one uses their potential.

Here are just some of the benefits the Assessment will provide you with:

  • Measure the percentage utilized of your normal thinking to your Natural Thinking
  • Your most passive, active and neutral values utilized in your life
  • Your strongest, weakest and neutral thinking skills
  • Your polarity issues (your behavioral strengths and weaknesses)
  • Creative, organizational and functional analyses
  • Description of 13 Natural Intelligences and the percentage of the effectiveness of each Intelligence used in your life
  • Your value level for each Intelligence (how important each is to you)
  • 105 Natural Thinking relational comparisons (how each of your thinking principles match up with each other)
It is scientifically based for achieving one’s Potential: from physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual points of view. Our system teaches lifestyles, life skills, and the natural manner for thinking vs. our typical normal manner of thinking.

It takes approximately 15 minutes, and the results are emailed to you instantly.

No—the NaTI is not a test. It is an assessment which involves the manner in which you subconsciously process data. Other tests do not do this.

You will gain perspective on how you think and how you can change your thinking to achieve more in life. By “circular thinking,” “boundless thinking,” “mind mapping,” “cognitive engineering,” and more, you can gain clarity, understanding, creativity, organization and a lot more.

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