Frequently asked questions

The Human Potential and Thinking Assessment is a human potential development program which is based on newly discovered principles of nature. Learning about these principles will help you develop life and thinking skills, as well as enabling you to achieve your potential.

This program is truly a Science of Potential…it has tested and proven principles that aid in life skill development, problem-solving and conflict resolution.

Real science, psychology and human resources. We have two scientific studies with 97% validity involving the principles of Potential…please see the Blog section on this site for details.

No—the NaTI is not a test. It is an assessment which involves the manner in which you subconsciously process data. Other tests do not do this.

The employees will learn all about their thinking skills and procedures, strengths and weaknesses. They can also learn new NATURAL processes which will reduce stress and generate greater clarity. The company can learn about their employees’ skills and utilize our Mind Mapping to improve effectiveness.

The participants take an assessment of 15 questions and they receive an immediate, detailed report. The procedure can stop there and a self-analysis can be done, however we recommend the next step, which is a one-day workshop that covers numerous features of the assessment in-depth. We also have an ongoing Advisory program in which participants can go online live (i.e. Zoom) and receive input and direction in their thinking pursuits and issues.

We are comprised of two psychologists (one a best-selling author), a geneticist, a master educator and our founder, who discovered the Science of Potential and Natural Thinking and Intelligence and is also a successful entrepreneur.