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Bronxville doctor claims to have cracked code to human intelligence

A Bronxville doctor claims he has cracked the code to human intelligence.

Dr. Robert Flower says the breakthrough discovery – called a potential molecule – can unlock powerful secrets that will allow anyone to achieve greater success.

He began his journey of understanding more than three decades ago at age 40.

“I was married, three young kids and working in finance,” says Flower. “I was doing, doing well...I just wasn't satisfied with what was going on in my life and I wanted to understand what it was all about.”

The question ultimately led him to world-renowned geneticist, Dr. Darren Langham.

Dr. Flower says his team has treated thousands of people since forming the Gilchrist Institute of Human Understanding – and his website is packed with testimonials.  “A lot of times people have strengths that they don’t' even realize, and they reject them or neglect them. When we bring them out, it's a like a freedom,” says Flower.  The process begins with a full genetic and environmental assessment program, allowing Dr. Flower to pinpoint personality traits holding people back.

He says the assessments can evaluate over 217,000 personality profiles.  News 12’s Tara Rosenblum let Dr. Flower evaluate her.  One week later, she was invited back to his office to receive the results and get some advice from the doctor.

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