Frequently asked questions

The Human Potential and Thinking Assessment is a human potential development program which is based on newly discovered principles of nature. Learning about these principles will help you develop life and thinking skills, as well as enabling you to achieve your potential.

These principles of nature are actually “biopsychosocial” characteristics that determine our Potential. We have scientifically placed these principles into a format which measures the way one has genetically inherited intelligence and the extent that one uses their potential.
Our assessments can illuminate over 217,000 personality/behavioral/thinking profiles.
No one teaching process effectively applies to all participants. There are three major learning methods which people implement. We discover which you engage and proceed accordingly.
teaching you where your strengths, weaknesses, normal and natural thinking skills are.

This is a scientifically/philosophically-based format designed to develop our participants’
life skills and thinking abilities. We have significant research studies validating our program, and over 150 years of combined life and academic experience to rely on.

In many cases it makes no difference…we will find your methodology and utilize that for your development.

We can customize a program or you can join our mentoring program, where you join an online live format once or twice a week at a specific day and time so that instruction, questions and issues are dealt with directly.