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Natural Intelligence Cubes

The cubes utilize a closed model with an open system procedure. They are separate systems and patterns, but interactive.

The 13 Principles represented by the cubes are connected even though they are separate. They can occur on any level and still connect with other levels. In a very real sense, parts can be wholes and wholes can be parts! 

Even if one cube exemplifies an accurate portrait of an issue, chances are the interaction of several or all the cubes is necessary to affect a correct profile. 


The Cubes use Multidimensionality, which deals with the laws of various levels of reality and their differences from each other. The cubes use this not only to connect the various principles impacting an event but also to understand how various levels and parts have their own existence, while at the same time move within a greater frame work.


The 13 cubes act as independent systems interacting with other systems and creating different systems. We can then “uncover” layers of patterns until we find the core underlying issue. This is akin to unveiling chaos and complexity.


Regardless of which cubes come up they in some way are related to the others. Therefore they show various parts of a whole (issue). The cubes work because they represent the basic principles of thinking and behavior.

Natural Intelligence Cubes

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